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One thought on “Classroom Design”

  1. I could truly resonate with you when said that: “when students start off at a disadvantage, all of the other challenges they face are magnified.”

    I myself am a university student and I can say that nearly all the things you’ve listed above, I have personally experienced. During my breaks at university, the library is often overcrowded and thus, I often study at my faculty building instead. The furniture there however, was not designed to be used for studying purposes but rather, is set out like a cafeteria with bar stools that have no back support, high tables, sofas that are too soft and round tables that are fixed. Most of the time, after a mere 15 minutes of sitting, my back starts to ache and this really affects the amount of work I can do. I lose concentration and my body gets tired and I start getting stressed.

    In order to tackle this problem, I decided to make a campaign at my university; the University of New South Wales and try to get them to change faculty furniture to meet student’s changing needs.
    You can visit my Facebook page if you’re interested: Seroquel for pets

    It is really a shame that schools and universities who are in charge of nurturing the country’s next generation of leaders, workforce and game-changers are not placing student ergonomics as one of their key issues that they need to address.

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