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Air Travel and Carry On Luggage

source url Everyone has at least a few good carry-on luggage stories. First, there are the abusers. The person who had live chickens in a shopping bag (I really heard that on the news once!), the duffel bag that could fit full length skis and poles. It’s amazing what people try to get away with.

see url Then we have the travel-lights. They can travel for a week, business or pleasure, with nothing bigger than their briefcase. These are my idols. I try to travel with just two small bags – one for the overhead and one to keep by my feet. Huffington Post has some good tips on how to pack light. So does Cosmo.

buy Finax in india The January issue of Popular Science has some interesting ideas about packing that I thought worth sharing. They have three versions, for backpackers, business travelers, and parents. Each one shows a configuration for a small carry on to fit everything you might need and with minimum weight (good ergonomics, good for the environment, and easier to carry around). Unfortunately, I can’t link to the article because their web site really sucks for searching and browsing. But if you have access to the January 2015 issue (check your public library) it is the By the Numbers column and has three good diagrams of how to do it.

My Take

There is so much advice out there that I don’t think I need to add much in terms of how to pack light (or to get away with packing heavy). Some people bulk ship their suitcase to their hotel in advance. Some people do laundry while they are away. Some just pack a generic looking outfit that you can wear every day and no one will notice.

Your Turn

But I wonder if anyone has any deeper user experience solutions to this. I would love to have some good ideas for discussion in the comments.

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