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Metacognition System 3 Revisited

Do you remember that mushroom metacognition thought experiment I described a few months ago? I added a metacognitive system 3 to the Kahneman Fast and Slow systems 1 and 2. At least I thought I did. But I just read this paper by Jonathan Evans and Keith Stanovich and it turns out they proposed something similar a year earlier.

Dual-process and dual-system theories in both cognitive and social psychology have been subjected to a number of recently published criticisms. However, they have been attacked as a category, incorrectly assuming there is a generic version that applies to all. We identify and respond to 5 main lines of argument made by such critics.

There is some great insight in this paper (I added at least a page of notes to my cognition folder on Evernote!). And I have to admit a certain satisfaction that a brainstorm I had walking to work one morning corresponds pretty well with a decade of research by two leading thinkers in cognitive science.

Image credit: “Outer surface of the human brain” by Popular Science Monthly Volume 46 used under public domain

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  1. My own research suggests that System 1 and 2 are missing cognitive and emotional complexity. Neither system takes into account capacity and capability. My PhD should hopefully fill this gap.

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