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Incredible MicroApartment in the Netherlands

A team of incredibly innovative design students at TU Delft in The Netherlands designed this micro apartment with a single room that is customizably configurable for different functions at the touch of a button (or manually if the user prefers). Flexible polypropylene panels don’t just move around to shift square footage among rooms, they also bend and rotate to become the furniture itself.

The Swiss Army knife of apartment designs provides 1,000 square feet of living space in an apartment half the size.

My description won’t be able to do this justice, so you have to go watch the video. Unneeded furniture doesn’t fold into the wall like a Murphy bed, the bed you sleep in at night becomes your desk when you are working during the day and a large dining room table if you want to entertain at night. This allows so many more customized room designs with a smaller amount of physical material. You can get a 100 square meter room that switches between a fully functional kitchen, bedroom, office, man cave, and more. The team created a working prototype, so this isn’t one of those science fiction animations, it is really feasible. They have plans to convert some underused office space in The Netherlands to make it happen for real. Truly amazing implications for the user experience of living.

Image credit: Co.EXIST

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