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Automotive UX Innovation

I am a little late getting to this one, but it didn’t seem to be time sensitive. In fact just the opposite – Steven Tengler, the author, claims that these are the best innovations in the automotive user experience in his lifetime.

A recent survey by Cisco suggests that automotive UX is lagging behind the technological desires of vehicle owners, but there have been some well-designed successes in the past couple of decades.

First disclaimer is that my car doesn’t have any of them. So perhaps I don’t appreciate the value because I have not experienced them personally. But one can also suppose that if these innovations were that great, they would already be standard.

I could go through them all, but I would probably be biased in my description. So I am going to encourage you check out Steven’s write up and then come back here to discuss them. As a quick preview, he includes innovations such as radio volume that self-adjusts based on ambient noise or if you activate the hands-free phone. Also safety features like tire inflation assistance and rain detecting wipers. And some that are convenience-related or error-prevention features like keypad locks and cap free gas tanks.

Let me know which ones you think significantly enhance your driving experience and I should make sure to get in my next car.

Image credit: “Dustin Roberts checks his tires” by SrA Hannah Landeros used under public domain

One thought on “Automotive UX Innovation”

  1. The two I like a lot are:
    1. Had the automatic windshield wipers on my last car and miss them on my new car. It was more convenient and possibly safer that I did not have to attend to turning on or adjusting the wipers while driving in the rain (there’s a lot of rain in Houston).
    2. Love the bluetooth phone with my car speakers so I can answer a call and quickly address it (to get off the phone) in a hands free, low cognitive load method.

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