lots of clothing hangers

Simple but Clever and Effective: True Ergonomics

This simple design caught my eye for so many reasons. The designer has a real user pain point that he wants to ease. As far as I can tell from the photo and video on the page, it seems to satisfy that need. It also seems very easy to learn and to use, both physically and cognitively. Without increasing the space required or probably much of the price. Hits my definition of good HF/E on all dimensions.

Maximizing space in a small closet requires a MacGyver-like resourcefulness. Luckily, the meccas of home organization (The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond) carry myriad tools for squeezing storage space out of every square inch. But when it comes to making clothes hangers more efficient, things get clumsy: Tiered clothes hangers, the ones meant for vertically stacking several pairs of pants, tend to be unwieldy, need to hook into place, and can’t accommodate shirts.

Image credit: “A bunch of clothes hangers” by High Contrast used under CC BY 3.0 DE

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