One thought on “Why Do We Need Unique Usernames?”

  1. unique usernames! what’s a unique username? a username that isn’t repeated anyplace else on the site that you’re using. a unique identity, something that sets you apart from any other user that’s using the site. in order to get your unique username you have to be a bit unique and clever yourself. and maybe that’s the greatness of a unique name. what words haven’t been strung together before? how can you still be interesting and have a cool handle, even though your first four great ideas have been taken by other people? if there were a bunch of ‘plumy’s or ‘catchfist’s it might feel like we were sort of impinging on something, like, individuality perhaps. and the number of Bruce Willis’ and Kylie Minogues’ would be astronomical. you wouldn’t be able to square off your own little piece of specialty or specificality or stardom; the number of repeats and confusion in a system like twitter might make the site a different place. what kind of place? i don’t know. i think it would be a worthwhile experiment for someone to open up a social site like twitter and leave the usernames completely open to the wind and water, and see what sort of social dynamics pop up.

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