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Who Thought There Was So Much to Work Footwear?

I was reading through Industrial Safety and Hygiene News and I came across this article about work footwear by Mark Reilly. I have been in the safety area for a long time and I have dealt with provisioning and analyzing work shoes for particular work activities many times. But this article jumped out at me as a great primer for anyone who has not, but might need to some day. He quickly summarizes some of the features that are worth considering.

Once made of stiff leathers and bulky steel toes to protect feet from fallen objects and crush injuries, today’s work boots are sleeker, faster and more protective than ever.

It also amazed me just how many parts there are in a good work shoe. How many of these can you define and specific why they are important in safety? Think of this as a no-pressure quiz for the day.

  • Upper
  • Footbed
  • Midsole
  • Outsole
  • Shank
  • Toe
  • And I would add one more – the fitting mechanism (laces etc)

How many did you get?

Image credit: “S3 safety footwear” by Francis Flinch used under CC BY 3.0

4 thoughts on “Who Thought There Was So Much to Work Footwear?”

  1. Safety, comfort, stability, warmth, water-resistance, breathability and specific safety features depending on your job and the work conditions are key characteristics to look for when buying the perfect work boots!

  2. Wearing the appropriate boots for your job can literally save your life! Always check what the safety requirements are for your footwear for work. Also, always try on your work boots when your feet are swollen the most – after work. Comfort is essential to your performance. Thanks for this post!

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