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Smart Technology: Background Monitoring to Improve User Behavior

On this week’s On The Media, Michael Galvin, the host of Galvin on Galvin, described an interesting feature at his studio that I thought would make a great topic for conversation.

Galvin on Galvin is his eponymous TV show targeting people on the Autism spectrum. Galvin is the host and has Autism himself. One of his symptoms is that he slouches, even when hosting his show (which is not a good practice for a TV host). He related that his teleprompter keeps him from slouching by turning off when it senses he is slouching – incredibly quick feedback that keeps him on his toes (almost literally). That sounds like a great UI feature for a lot of electronic devices. Many of our PCs and laptops have webcams – they can check our posture and turn off (extreme) or give us more modest feedback when we are doing something wrong or not moving enough.

What else can it give us feedback on? Perhaps some of the new face-muscle-analysis emotion recognition systems can be used to adjust for user frustration or Flow (I capitalize “Flow” when I am referring to the official Csíkszentmihályi sense of the term).

Image credit: “Teleprompter in use” by Paolo Margari used under CC BY-SA 2.0

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