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Persuasive Design in On-line Education

Ali Rushdan Tariq had a really interesting piece on Nir and Far last month for those interested in persuasive design. It is a review of the education platform Udemy and the design techniques they use to hook users to sign up for more and more courses, even if they never actually attend.

ginseng buyers in west tennessee As I clicked the big green “Take This Course” button, I became acutely aware of an uneasy feeling. This would be the 22nd course I’d have signed up for on, one of the world’s leading platforms for teaching and learning classes online. I had become a binge-learner. Or had I? (read more…)

There is quite a range, from compelling email subject lines, social reinforcement tags, easy sign-up procedures, perceived endowment and sunk cost salience, perceived deep discounts, personal touches. I use many of these same techniques in my gamification work. Some of it is pure behavioral science.

I wonder how many of these techniques you use in your design? I would be interested to read similar descriptions of other systems or sites as well. Are you willing to share?

Image credit: “Advanced editing workshop at Wikipedia in Higher Education Summit” by Sage Ross used under CC BY-SA 3.0

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