Image of a man riding a Honda Super Cub motorcycle

What is Your UX Strategy for Design?

Fancy/wow/impressive? Or simple/useful/gets the job done? What do you think of this as a definition of the “best vehicle of all time”?

  • It has had the same basic design for 50 years
  • Simple, cheap and reliable
  • Durable, affordable and easy to fix

This description is of the Honda Super Cub motorcycle, which has sold 60 million units over the past 50 years. Notice that nowhere in these descriptions does it say “new and improved,” “all new features,” “impress your friends,” “the latest technology” or any of that. Just simple and effective. It works and you won’t have to think much about it. I wish more companies would use this strategy in design. But I am not a typical user, and we know not to design for ourselves, right? What is the better strategy in general?


Image credit: “Honda Super Cub” by cotaro70s used under CC BY-ND

One thought on “What is Your UX Strategy for Design?”

  1. Saab had a series of incredible designs. Sure, they weren’t flashy, but they were functional, practical, and fun to drive. Particularly in the 1980s and 90s, Saabs were faster than Ferraris on the highway, safer than Volvos, and could haul more than a Mercedes station wagon.

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