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User Experience in the Mainstream Media

It was great to read this interview with Michael Heilemann from Squarespace and Aarron Walter from Mailchimp at Fast Company magazine.

The takeaway I want to highlight today is that the way these two tech execs define user experience is very interdisciplinary. It involves every area of human factors. As a quick test, I scanned the list of HFES Technical Groups and I couldn’t find one that wasn’t included and essential in their definition.

Often, tech execs equate user experience just with UI design or usability testing. It was great to see two who appreciate the rich breadth and depth of our field. My favorite quote is from Aarron Walter:

Designing software that’s just usable is like a chef creating food that’s just edible.

And then soon after:

User experience is definitely something you feel.

In other words, it is not just HEATS (hits, errors, accuracy, time, satisfaction).

Image credit: “Creative Teamwork Day 1” by Creative Sustainability used under CC BY-SA 2.0

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