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Music and the Retail Experience

I just read two articles on how music can improve the retail user experience. Does this work as well online as it does in the store?

Although proper background music can increase your users’ engagement and conversion by up to 20%, many businesses feel that music can be detrimental to a website. Let’s look at some of the main mistakes of misuse of music in a business website and how you can avoid them. Read more at righTune…


When we are listening to music we decide what we want to hear. This can depend on our mood, or how we want to feel during a specific activity Your music choices are who you are, and the type of music you enjoy to listen to, gives off your personality as well. This can also be said about a brand and a website. You want to create personality that customers will relate to and remember. Read more at righTune…

Feel free to share your personal experiences adding sound to your web designs or just speculate.

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3 thoughts on “Music and the Retail Experience”

  1. While I understand that music in a physical store can increase sales for a number of reasons, I am not sure how well the same idea would translate to an online experience. For example, one of the biggest reasons music positively affects sales is because of the effect music can have on mood. However, music playing when shopping on a tablet (or other mobile device) can drain the tablet’s battery life, which might result in an annoyed or stressed user. When an individual is shopping on their home PC, they may already be dealing with background noise (personal music, kids, pets, etc.) and additional music from the website might be unwanted, again resulting in an unhappy user.

    1. I agree. Often, when at a computer, people listen to their own music collection. The likelihood of someone shopping online and putting the music on silent, or preferring to listen to their own music choice is much greater than in the store… where you have no choice.

  2. OK, lets change modality. You may have heard of the new iPhone app that Oscar Mayer created? It is a little dongle you attach to your phone that has bacon scent in it. You set your wake up alarm to a sizzle sound and it releases the bacon scent.

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