Ergonomic Design: Buzzword or Key Differentiator?

Is this really an ergonomic improvement? Or is it just aesthetics fooling our body into thinking it will feel good?

Home Depot’s new Big Gripper all-purpose bucket is a handy improvement on the old school, five-gallon contractor pail. An ergonomic handle and patent pending “pocket grip” on the underside sets the product apart on the shelf, but more importantly, the design is a showpiece for a new approach to big box merchandising. Brick-and-mortar retailers have learned a lesson from Apple and are following their vertically integrated approach by developing high-quality, and exclusive, products to remain competitive in the age of Amazon. And they’re learning from another Apple trademark: revisiting product categories filled with bad offerings, and completely rethinking them. Read more at WIRED…

Image credit: WIRED

2 thoughts on “Ergonomic Design: Buzzword or Key Differentiator?”

  1. Interesting article. As someone who uses and reviews numerous ergonomic products I have oftentimes noticed “ergonomic” being used as a marketing buzzword many times when it is really just a minor feature rather than integral to the product. It is becoming imperative that the end user do some research to make sure their purchase is actually an improvement from an ergonomic perspective.

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